Mylinne Nursy – Newborn Nursing and Sleeping Pillow

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Holding a baby is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

During first months of life, physical and visual contact with the mother is very important for newborn growth and also for releasing stress postpartum.

At Mylinne we know that holding your little one for many hours a day could be troublesome and could bring shoulder or arm pain.

Also it may be not the most comfortable position for your baby’s posture and it may be cause of eating disorders.

Nursy allows you to maintain a comfortable and upright posture as mother, without feeling fatigue on your arms during breastfeeding or while your baby is falling asleep sweetly close to you.

While the baby is safely supported by Nursy, having hands free for doing other jobs might be the key for a multitasking mom.

Nursy also allows you to breastfeed in the best position for babie’s health, avoiding most of those annoying eating disorders.

Last but not the least, Nursy can easily be detach and used as a pillow to support your little one’s head while he is lying down and is playing with you or during diaper change.


  • Ergonomic: perfect for your baby’s posture
  • Safe: the support cushion does not allow your little one to fall
  • Soft and created with high quality materials
  • The cover is removable washable in the washing machine
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