Mylinne Cozy – Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow

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Say goodbye to sleep problems during pregnancy

Experts recommend pregnant women avoid sleeping on their backs especially during the second and third trimesters.

The best sleep position during pregnancy is the “SOS” position (sleep on side) because it provides the best circulation for a baby placing the least pressure on veins and internal organs.

Sleeping on a side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta helping baby’s development.

A good circulation also helps to reduce potential swelling and varicose veins in mother’s legs avoiding hypotension and improving sleep quality during pregnancy.

  • Machine washable (removable pillow cover)
  • 30-degree scientific design
  • Small size and full support for baby bump


Adjustable Width


Usually pregnancy pillows are too big and take too much space in the bed


14 reviews for Mylinne Cozy – Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow

    Amazing product. Not too bulky which I like so it doesn’t take up much space on the bed. I use it in bed as well as for relaxing on the couch. The wedges are super comfortable and it provides excellent support. I no longer toss and turn in bed as I'm comfortable all night long.
    Brilliant pillow! Just what I needed and much better than my big one. So supportive and comfy and stops me rolling onto my back. Would definitely recommend.
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    Best pillow ever, I can sleep sooo comfortable and it won’t take half of the bed so I can still have my husband sleeping with me, I just love this pillow
    This pillow is really great. I'm pregnant with my second kid and still cosleeping with my first, so I've had trouble staying sleeping on my side and with overall comfort. Unfortunately most of the pregnancy pillows are massive and I wouldn't be able to cosleep anymore, so this pillow has really helped me to be comfortable and still be able to cosleep.
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    I am pleased with this purchase. I like using my own pillow and didn't want a huge wonky pregnancy pillow to take up all the space in my bed. This comes with two half moon wedges and a weird bean shape pillow. I was skeptical. The bean is actually perfect to go between my knees. The two wedges are the perfect firmness and size. One goes under my belly and the other against my back, and they stay in place with the strip of fabric to connect them. The distance between the two is adjustable, or just use them not attached to each other.
    I got this to my baby 3 months old . My baby has G-tube and sometimes I put him on my bed to feed him. It’s works great. I’m scared that him can roll but with this he can’t. It’s 100% cotton. It’s soft, has zipper to wash cover, also it’s adjustable size. It’s Filled with virgin polyester fiber. Works great for me.
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    Mylinne Cozy - Side Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow photo review
    This pillow is a life saver. Since the start of my 2nd trimester, I've been trying my hardest to sleep on my sides and not my back as is suggested. But I would keep waking up on my back or tossing from side to side with sore hips. Since purchasing this pillow a couple of weeks ago, I only turn over perhaps once during the night from one side to the other. And it keeps me from rolling onto my back. My husband has been able to sleep more soundly too because I'm not moving all around due to discomfort. I'm 21 weeks now, and there is still plenty of "room" for my belly to grow with this pillow. This is also much more reasonable to fit into a queen sized bed with my husband than one of the huge U or C shaped pregnancy pillows.
    I absolutely love this pillow. It has made sleeping so much easier. I cant sleep without it! I love that my belly is supported any way I turn and the pillows are shaped like slopes so it fits comfortably under me.. I have large breasts and this size and style allows the most comfort for me..
    Love this pillow! It’s not as large as I thought, but still works great in supporting my belly and back.
    Totally what I needed during this pregnancy. I’ve been using this pillow for a few months and it helps me sleep more comfortably on my side. It Helps support my belly without flattening. When velcroed, the pillows are too close together so I just keep them separated. Came in handy for a short stay in the hospital and wasn’t a pain to carry as it fit in my overnight bag. The nurses loved the idea and said they would tell their patients.

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Pink White, Blue White, Green White


76x38x13cm – 29.92×14.96×5.12in


Cotton (Cover) – Polyester (Filler)

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